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Restore Recently Deleted Files

Sites that have the Trash Bin feature are able to recover files deleted within the past 30 days. It works similar to the Recycle Bin on your desktop. Files can be restored individually, in small groups, or all at once.
This feature is not available on all sites. Learn more about upgrading to the contemporary platform.

Accessing your personal Trash Bin

Each Trash Bin is unique and private to each user, so you will first need to login to your account in the web interface, then look for the Trash Bin icon in the left navigation bar.
If an administrator needs to access a user's Trash Bin directly they can change the user's password and login as them.
Empty folders are not saved, but when you restore a file the whole path is restored, folders and all.

Restoring Files

A file can only be restored to its original location. Once restored you can move it.

Low on Space?

Here are 3 things you need to know about the Trash Bin:
  • Files in the Trash Bin do count toward your storage quota.
  • Starting at 12:01 AM ET daily, files that have been in the trash bin longer than 30 days are placed into a first-in-first-out queue to be permanently deleted.
  • Twice daily storage quotas are re-calculated at approximately 9AM and 9PM ET. This means it can take up to 12 hours after you empty the trash for the storage quota to reflect the changes.

Emptying the Trash Bin

Users can empty their Trash Bin manually at any time. Files can be removed individually, in small groups, or all at once.
NOTE: Use caution when emptying the Trash. You will not be able to get the files back. Ensure that you have another copy somewhere.

Disabling the Trash Bin

Some will prefer files to be permanently deleted the first time, and others may have specific compliance needs. While the Trash Bin feature cannot be disabled on a per-user basis, it can be disabled across the entire site if desired for any reason. Contact support if you have the Trash Bin and want to disable it for all users.
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