User Permissions and File Access

A normal SmartFile installation allows administrators to assign file access permissions for both users and groups. This does not work the same in HyperPrivacy mode.


Permissions are defined for a user. Permissions determine which actions a user can take in their Home Directory. Access sets exceptions to these permissions for specific files or folders. It is not possible to provide a user access to any folders outside their home directory.


Access can be set for individual users or groups. To determine a user's access, user-level settings take precedence over group-level settings. This means that if a user has certain access rights for a folder, adding them to a group with different access rights for the same folder won't alter their individual access rights to that folder.

When you define user or group access for an item, you are explicitly allowing or explicitly not allowing some combination of the 4 possible operations - upload, download, read and show contents.

If a user is assigned to multiple Groups with conflicting access, then the last assigned Group’s access will override any other Group.

Standard File Operations Matrix

In order to perform standard file operations, the user must have specific rights, either from their user permissions or through access.

ActionRequired Rights

See items in a folder

List Contents


List Contents, Download

Create a new folder


Upload a file


Overwrite a file


Rename an item

Upload, Delete

Move or Copy

List Contents, Download, Upload

Delete a file or folder


Advanced Operations Matrix

Enhanced file operations, such as creating links or configuring notifications, may require the user's role to be allowed to perform the operations, and may also require specific file rights.

ActionRole CapabilitiesRequired Rights

Create a share link

Can create share links (granted to all default roles)

Download Upload is also needed for upload-only or download-and-upload shares.

Create a notification for a path

Can create notifications (granted to all default roles)

List Contents

Create a notification for a share link

Can create share links, Can create notifications

Manage tags & attributes


View file activity history

Access to activity section

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