Login Page

Administrators can customize various aspects of the appearance of their login page.

These settings are found in the Admin Dashboard under Admin Settings > Branding > Login.

As changes are made to the following settings, the Login Preview section on the page will provide a visual representation of how the changes will be applied.

Stock Background Images: SmartFIle supplies a few stock images that Administrators can select. There is also an option to specify that a solid color is to be used as a background.

Background Color: If Color is selected as part of the Stock Background Images, an Administrator can select a solid color (in HTML Hex format) for the login page background. Please note that the selection of an image overrides the use of a background color.

Background Upload: An image file (PNG, JPG, or GIF, no larger than 2880 pixels wide by 1800 pixels height) to be shown on the site's login page.

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