Restarting the Appliance

Hard rebooting (i.e. by using a "hard restart" in VMware) can lead to problems with services not able to restart correctly.

To ensure that your data is persistently across reboots, please use the following procedure to restart or reboot FileHub Appliance.

Here is the procedure for gracefully restarting the FileHub Virtual Appliance:

Connect to the appliance via SSH on port 10022 or through the virtual console provided by your VM environment (e.g. vCenter).

  1. Connecting via SSH:

    1. Open a Terminal or Command Prompt window.

    2. Type the following command and press Enter/Return:

      ssh user_name@domain_name:10022
  2. For Virtual Console access, refer to the documentation for your virtual environment, such as VMware.

Login. If you do not know the username and password please Contact Support and we'll assist you. Type the following command and press Enter/Return:

sudo veridocker -o restart

Please wait. This process can take up to 10 minutes.

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