Contact Information

SmartFile Administrators can customize the contact information that is found at the bottom of emails sent for user-based administrative actions (such as creating a new user or updating an existing user) when the Administrator elects to notify users of such changes via email.

These settings are found in the Admin Dashboard under Admin Settings > Branding > Contact.

The following fields can be customized:


Support Email

The email address that your users can email for support

Support Phone

The phone number that you want users to call for support. This field can include extensions.

Support URL

The website where your users can find support information or submit support tickets for your organization.

Support Fax

This field is no longer in use.

From Email

The reply-to email address that will be used if the notified user replies to the email.

Once these settings have been changed, future user-based administrative emails will reflect the new settings.

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