SmartFile’s file versioning feature lets you track and recall different versions of a file uploaded repeatedly. This helps you prevent accidentally overwriting files that share the same name in the same folder. Versioning is a common safeguard against ransomware attacks.

Your SmartFile installation not only allows users to access and restore previous versions of a file, but also meticulously logs each revision. This capability enables users to trace back any changes made, fostering accountability and transparency in collaborative environments. It serves as a key tool in compliance efforts by offering a record of all changes made to files, essential during compliance checks or if there’s a need to validate the integrity of specific data.

Site Administrators can configure Versioning settings in the Administrator Dashboard.

File versioning is enabled when you configure both a maximum file size for versions and a maximum number of versions to keep. The maximum file size applies to each individual file, not the total space used for all versioned files. Uploading a file that exceeds your configured maximum file size will work as expected, but overwriting it with a new version will not retain the original. Once you’ve reached the maximum amount of versions for a file, the oldest version will be deleted.

Each time you upload a file with the same name and extension, your old version will still be accessible. You can restore, download or delete any available file version.

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