Installing Your License Key

The appliance requires that a valid license be installed in order to function.

To purchase a license, please contact our Sales team at If you've already purchased a license and need to receive a key, please contact your Account Executive or Account Manager and provide your Device ID.

Licenses are installed via the FileHub Appliance Manager. The FileHub Appliance Manager is accessed at https://<your-appliance-ip-or-hostname>:9002.

If you don't know the username and password, please Contact Support and we'll assist you.

Once signed in, navigate to the License tab.

Under the License tab, upload your license file (.lic) using the Choose File menu and click Add License Key.

After the license has been installed, please Restart the appliance by following our Restart instructions.

License Key Renewals

Updated License Keys are automatically sent via E-Mail after payment is received on a renewal invoice. These keys are sent as part of the Payment Receipt mail and are attached to the mail as a file called license.lic.

We are unable to send license keys until payment is received, so please ensure to pay renewal invoices on time.

To install an updated license key, follow the same steps above as initial installation. If you need a license key to be re-sent, please contact our support team and we can re-issue your license key, as long as payment has been received.

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