SmartFile includes a full API, built using REST API principles. Our API is designed for customers who require the highest level of integration between SmartFile and their own application, website, or database.

The SmartFile web interface uses the exact same API that we publish to our customers, so everything you can do in the UI can also be accomplished using the API.

Example API Uses

Our customers are using the REST API to power their custom integrations with SmartFile right now.

One use for the Rest API is to keep the user list in sync with an external system or database that doesn't support Single Sign On with a custom solution to bulk import and sync users from from the other system.

Another option is to use our APIs that provide access to metrics to drive advanced reporting and analytics integrations with your own BI platforms.

You could even use our API within iPaaS platforms that support REST API calls to create your own bespoke SmartFile connector.

API Documentation

The API has its own documentation at https://app.smartfile.com/api/


Your API key is issued automatically and can be re-generated for security purposes as needed. You can find it the Admin Settings of your site at https://example.com/account/api/ (You must be logged in as an administrator.)

Once logged in, select Connectors in the top menu and click on API Key. Your API key is listed under API Key.

Activity Log API

The activity log is a special case that does not use the standard API keys directly. In order to make requests to the activity endpoints, the sessionid cookie must be set.

To obtain a valid sessionid, login via the session API with your API key and read the cookie from the set-cookie response header:

$ curl -v -X POST -u <api_key>:<api_secret> https://example.com/api/2/session/
< HTTP/2 201
< set-cookie: sessionid=<token>

Using that value, make a request to the activity endpoints:

$ curl --cookie "sessionid=<token>" https://example.com/api/3/activity/search/

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