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Our REST API lets you take full advantage of the platform, building custom integrations, automations, and reports.
What's a REST API?
It is a modern web convention for application interoperability, using HTTP requests in a predictable way to access and consume resources (i.e. data). This makes it easy to get up and running if you've used another REST API before.
I need an API Key. How do I get one?
Your API key is issued automatically and can be re-generated for security purposes as needed. You can find it the Admin Settings of your site at (You must be logged in as an administrator.)
API key and password in site settings
Now that I have an API Key, how do I keep it secure?
It's best practice not to save these credentials anywhere in your code. We recommend using environment variables instead (or Docker secrets if using Docker).
Want to know more?
Live API documentation is built right into your site at
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