Outbound E-Mail

FileHub requires that you provide and configure a custom SMTP server in order to send outbound email.

Unlike all the other administration tasks, the configuration for the custom SMTP server happens inside the SmartFile main web application, not the FileHub Appliance Manager. We agree that this is a bit confusing and intend to optimize the location of these settings in a future release.

Configuring Your SMTP Server

Visiting the appliance at https://<url-of-your-appliance> will take you to the SmartFile login page. Log in normally using a site administrator username and password.

Proceed with the setup by clicking the gear in the top right and then clicking Admin Settings, then click Settings, and finally, System.

Enter the correct settings for your email server and click Save.

You may now return to the Share App via the Web App link in the upper right corner.

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