Unique Username Namespace

SmartFile cloud is a multi-tenant platform that, by default, requires that all usernames across all sites be unique.

If you need to use a user naming convention or have other requirements that mean you need to create user names that may exist in other sites on the platform, you may need to set up a unique username namespace.

The Unique Username Namespace feature (formerly called "Realm") is a sitewide feature on SmartFile that will allow your site to have its own namespace for usernames, disregarding usernames that may exist on other SmartFile sites.

Enabling Unique Username Namespace

To enable Unique Username Namespace, you must first configure a Custom Domain for your site. Once that is done, contact our support department and request to enable Unique Username Namespace.

We will provision a new CNAME record and unique IP address for your site and enable the namespace manually.

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