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Two Factor Authentication

We now offer Two-Factor Authentication (2FA/MFA) in the web interface. This feature improves your account security by prompting you for a 6-digit code you receive on your mobile phone after entering your password on the website.
To turn it on, go to your user profile.
Click the last drop-down box at the bottom. You can choose either:
  • SMS (text message) codes that will look something like this:
Example 2FA Text Message
  • Email codes will be sent to your Inbox at the address in your profile, and it will look like this:
    • Email codes are valid for 15 minutes.
  • Compatible Mobile Apps with One-Time Passwords (search the App Store for "totp").
    • You can set it up easliy by scanning a QR code.
Example QR code for 2FA
Additional Notes
  • Entering the wrong code will not lock out your account.
    • You can request a recovery code to be emailed to you ten (10) times.
    Example error for incorrect 2FA codes
  • You will not be prompted for a code when using FTP, FTPS, SFTP, or WebDAV.
  • Site Administrators may require 2FA site-wide.
    • All new users must login and accept the Terms of Use Agreement before they can use another connection method like SFTP. If required, they would also be prompted to set up 2FA.
2FA site-wide requirement in Admin Settings
  • iOS 12+ users will notice a convenient autofill option on the keyboard.
Example iOS 12 feature send code from messages
  • Android has a similar feature in the text field.
Example Android feature autofill code from messages
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