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Forgot Password

Don't worry! It happens.

(I even forgot Mother's Day one time.) 😅
Here's how you can reset your password:
Step 1: Go to the website.
  • If you don't know the web address (URL) you can use the FTP server name in the browser and it will send you to the HTTPS login page.
Step 2: Skip right over the Username and Password and click the "Forgot Password?" link underneath the password box.
Step 3: Enter your Username and Email.
  • This form is case-sensitive. Even your Email must be typed exactly as when you signed up.
  • If successful, you should see the following message:
Step 4: Check your email acount for the email we sent.
Click the "RESET YOUR PASSWORD" button in the email. This is what the email should look like:
Step 5: Choose your new password, enter it twice the same way, and click Change Password.
  • If you are prompted by the browser to generate a strong password for you, choose "Don't Use".
  • It is best to type it. This feature can be unreliable.
  • If successful, you should see the following message:

That's it! Now you can get back to what you were doing.

  • Don't forget to update the password in your FTP client if you've saved it.

If you still need help, contact your site administrator. They are the only one authorized to reset your password for you.
  • If you are the site administrator, we recommend that you create a backup administrator account, so that you can unlock and reset your primary account easily.
    • If this is regarding one of your users who is unable to reset their password, ensure their Role Permissions allow them to change their profile information.
    • If you still need assistance, our Support staff can reset the site administrator's password after verification.

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